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Lazar K., Pennsylvania

Here is a photo of me wearing the bow tie my wife purchased from you at the Sugarloaf fair in Oaks last week.  Needless to say, I love it.  The fabric is wonderful and the proportions are perfect.  It is a very easy tie to tie, and retains its shape.  I wore it last night at a major event in Philadelphia and received many compliments on the bow tie.  Keep up the excellent artistry.  Please consider me a lifetime customer




I took your advice and went with a solid shirt color. Pastel yellow really made the bow tie pop and become the star of the show. Which is what I was going for.  ~Eli

I purchased a polka dot bowtie from you and when I gave my husband this tie for a Hanuffah gift his response was less than enthusiatic and, needless to say, I was irritated with his response.  However, I encouraged him to try it once and if he wasn't comfortable with going out on a "fashion limb" then I would give it to someone who would appreciate it.  He reluctantly wore it to school the next day (a Wednesday) and the response from his 6th grade students and colleagues was overwhelmingly positive.  He admitted that he really enjoyed wearing it.  After that day, he declared every Wednesday from here on out "Bow Tie Wednesday".


Bow Tie Wednesdays has resulted in other teachers and even his student joining in the fun!  I'm so pleased that my "spur of the moment" purchase from you has developed into a fashion movement.  However, I do feel it's more than that - it's an opportunity for students and teachers to bond and develop an even stronger sense of community.  


Of course, I had to purchase another tie from you so that he has a little variety in his wardrobe and anticipate purchasing a few more over the next few months. Thanks so much for a beautiful quality product, excellent customer service and infusing fun into a middle school!  ~Maggie


You so patiently taught me how to tie a bow tie yesterday. First, I want to say that I actually wore it last night and it was a huge hit! Secondly, I wanted to tell you that I undid the tie and retied it myself using the you tube video and it looked great! Thanks again for being a great teacher and salesman. Your passion for the product came through immediately.   ~ Jack


Dick sports his bow tie at work every week on Bow Tie Tuesday. He writes: Funny thing about bow ties - the thing I notice is that you don't have that long tie hanging down, getting in your way all the time. Thanks for convincing me that bow ties were the thing to do.



The name of your business says it all.  I love that my husband, Paul, an avid bow tie wearer, can have a look for any occasion.  Your designs and patterns are so versatile that he can wear one with jeans and a shirt for an outdoor summer dinner or with a tuxedo to a formal holiday party.  

The fabric is soft, but sturdy.  Unlike bow ties from department stores, there are never any frays or pulls after multiple wears. They make wonderful presents and always arrive quickly in their charming tin case. Thank you for your attention to quality!   ~Kelli, Madison, WI


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